The Top Property Inspection Solution for Property Managers, Contractors, Rental & Real Estate Agents and Tenants


The Top Property Inspection Solution for Property Managers, Contractors, Rental & Real Estate Agents and Tenants

The most powerful and affordable property inspection toolkit in the market.

What is zInspector?

/zē in spek tər/ (noun): the most well-rounded, collaborative field-to-office property inspection solution for the property management, real estate, and construction trades.

Your zInspector mobile app inspection findings—photos, videos, and inspection reports and documents—become automatically available to your entire team via smartphone, tablet, and computer, with everything available, searchable, organized, and backed-up.

This powerful inspection capability is complemented by a robust and evolving set of property and task management tools to offer the most comprehensive, assistive, and customizable property management toolkit on the market.

Best In-App Camera Experience

When you open the zInspector 3 app on your tablet or smartphone, you are really stepping into the best, fastest, and most flexible in-app inspection camera experience there is.


iOS & Android Compatible
zInspector 3 is compatible with most contemporary iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Smart features and settings allow you to focus on the task at hand while inspection data upload and device storage management happens quietly in the background.

Beautiful, Printable Inspection Reports

Each inspection you submit in the zInspector 3 app results in a polished and professional report—perfect for sharing digitally or as a readable printed document.
360 Photos & Virtual Tours
Armed with a compatible 360 camera, you can capture a detailed room-by-room picture of a single-family home in minutes then easily stitch the photos together into a super-affordable, contactless virtual tour for prospective tenants and buyers.

Take a closer look at zInspector's game-changing Features

From core features available at every plan level to top-level features for high-profile companies, we have the tools you need to make your business smarter than you ever thought possible.

Transform your business

Inspect with the App

zInspector 3’s proven templates guide you through each property, one real-life detail at a time.

  • Capture high-quality photos to document conditions clearly—and even mark them up. Each one is time- & date-stamped and geotagged.

  • Add comments.

  • Leave no room for doubt: with detailed documentation you may avoid disputes with tenants and even contentious legal proceedings.

  • Review, sign, and submit.

Then Go Further
  • Manage your team and collaborate freely.

  • Customize reports and templates.

  • Create virtual tours.

  • Communicate tasks to vendors.

  • Calculate security deposit returns.

  • Schedule tenant-led inspections.

  • And much more.

“It’s the best in the biz for many reasons. Customizations, 360 camera, ease of use, and tenant move-ins alone are worth the price of admission.”

Lee H., Marquette Rentals

“Love your product! It makes inspections so easy and creates a professional report to send to clients”

Erik L., Real Property Management Insight

“Thank you for all your help and the tenant lease renewal assessments are working like a dream for us!”

Shauna S., All County Colorado Springs Company

“I had someone the other day tell me the inspections in their pm software were the same as zInspector. Not at all true. zInspector is the best and our tenants love that they can do the move in condition report on their phone.”

Jon S., Simple Property Management

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We’ll keep you informed of the core features and the latest innovations that position you on the leading edge of your zInspector experience.

NEW Swipe-Cam

May 4th, 2023|

The future of property inspections is here! This new feature is designed to make your inspection process more intuitive, faster and easier to use than ever before. The new Swipe Cam is coming in May [...]

Statistics Dashboard

December 7th, 2022|

Our all new statistics dashboard is a game-changing tool to view and monitor KPI’s that matter most to you as a property manager. The dashboard will provide you with valuable insight into the [...]

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